MSI Case Summaries

MSI has conducted thousands of investigations. The following is a sampling of casework.

Criminal Investigation

A husband was accused of murdering his wife and unborn child. MSI was hired by the husband’s attorney to conduct a criminal investigation. Numerous interviews and background searches were conducted. The attorney took the first two trials to mistrials. A different attorney represented the husband in a third trial where he was found guilty. This murder case was featured on Dateline NBC on September 26, 2014 called “Before Dawn.”

Sexual Assault Investigations

An employee of a large corporation filed sexual and racial discrimination complaints against her supervisor. The plaintiff’s complaint filings laid out numerous discrimination incidents by the supervisor that had occurred over several years. Over 70 interviews and statements from witnesses acquainted with both plaintiff and defendant were taken by MSI. Her allegations were determined to be unfounded and the plaintiff was discharged.

Homicide Investigations

After ten months and not getting any closer to solving a homicide of a young lady who was brutally raped and murdered, the family hired MSI. During an extensive investigation, and with assistance from the family, the media and the public, the person who murdered this young lady was identified. The identity of this person and the information obtained was given to law enforcement. The offender was eventually tried and convicted of 1st Degree Murder and was sentenced to the Iowa State Penitentiary for life, without parole.

Accident Reconstruction

A personal injury involving a citizen using a small garden tractor with a plow, was removing snow from the front of his residence when a city snow plow backed over the citizen causing extensive injuries. From reconstruction of the accident, witness statements and information gathered from the victim and family members, MSI showed that the personal injury to the citizen was not caused by his actions.

Video Surveillance

An employee of a large corporation claimed that he was unable to work due to severe lower back pain received from an on-the-job injury. This employee had been on worker’s compensation for many months before a surveillance was requested. Video was taken by MSI of the employee over a period of a couple of weeks, showing employee building a shed and constructing a 6’ high wooden fence around his residential property.

Accident Investigation

Relatives of a man who had died after falling down a flight of stairs had requested an investigation to determine if the death was accidental or murder. This was a ten-year-old case. A family member said there was a conflict between the deceased and the owner of the building. The relative claimed that the stairway location had been changed in an attempt to hide evidence. In searching archive records/photographs, and using a professional construction company, through interviews and a Forensic Pathologist, MSI showed that the person’s death was the result of an accident.

Missing Persons Investigations

A high school boy was reported missing by his parents. It was learned, from the divorced parents, that their son was very gifted and knowledgeable in the computer field. No one in the missing person’s close circle of friends said they knew where their friend was, but it was evident that some of them knew. The missing person’s computers, that were located in two different cities, were sent by MSI to a laboratory where an e-mail, that had been dumped into the “trash”, was retrieved with information that eventually led to the location of the boy.

International Defendant Location

An Iowa Corporation was persuaded to invest millions of dollars in a venture formed by shrewd international individuals. The money invested in this venutre was stolen through fraud and deception. After making unsuccessful attempts to locate and subpoena these individuals, the attorneys representing the corporation contacted MSI. Over the course of several months, all those hard to find defendants were located in Europe, Canada and from coast to coast in the U.S. Litigation was finally able to proceed in an attempt to recover the stolen money.

Accident Fraud Investigations

A female claimed full body disability after a traffic accident and requested over 1 Million dollars in damages. An insurance company wanted to check her claim and had MSI conduct a surveillance. The female was observed and videotaped shopping and dining out, and was found to be a daycare provider for several very young children.

Asset Searches

An attorney requested MSI to conduct an asset search on the registered owner of a vehicle whose daughter was involved in a traffic accident. Instead of settling for the insurance maximum, we were able to determine the registered owner of the vehicle owned many properties and was worth millions.

Witness Interviews

Several hours after a robbery had occurred, a person was arrested and charged with armed robbery. The defendant furnished several alibis as to where he was at the time of the armed robbery. Marlin’s Special Investigations, Inc. (MSI) identified, located, and interviewed those witnesses who did not support the defendant’s alibi.

Witness Interviews

A gentleman’s club reported to police that they had video of a truck deliberately ramming through the front doors of the club. Four males were identified in the truck earlier in the evening. After weeks of investigation, the police were unable to solve the crime. MSI was hired to investigate. From interviews of people present that evening it was noted that one of the four subjects had a distinctive tattoo. The photo of the subjects was taken to several tattoo artists where all four were identified. Interviews were done of the four subjects and the information given to the police department. There was an arrest and charges filed.

Corporate Investigations

A rash of catalytic converter thefts was happening in Iowa City for many months. A number of employees from a company were interviewed and a description of the suspects were obtained. Later that same date an investigator with MSI observed the suspects and contacted law enforcement where an arrest was made.

Infidelity Investigations

A married man with children believed his wife to be cheating. He contacted MSI to have her put under surveillance. We found she was having an affair and provided video documentation as proof. DNA analysis of her clothing confirmed a sexual relationship with someone other than her husband.

Criminal Defense Investigation

After spending 2 years in the Linn County Jail, a suspect in an alleged sexual abuse case of a minor child (male) was acquitted with the help of numerous interviews conducted by MSI showing his innocence.

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